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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 19, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> next, the white house evacuated. what happened right as the president and first daughters left for camp david. >> a out of control bus slams left for camp david. >> a out of control bus slams into a house. guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania. >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity, the future of awesome. >> happening right now, police saying stay inside as they close in on a suspected
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killer. eric frein has been on the run since state police say he ambushed two state troopers one week ago. a source told channel 29 they have narrowed their search to neighborhood. facebook and twitter talking about police helicopters and a heavy police presence. >> all media have been moved to a local school for their safety. jennifer joyce is talking to sourcessism there have been rumors that shots have been fired in the area. i have been in touch with the source up there and they say that is not true. the search for the suspect is focused on a residential area. many of these are summer homes or weekend homes but still everyone who lives in monroe county is umped to stay inside right now with their doors locked and now that the fbi placed frein on the most wanted list they wander people in the delaware valley to be
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on alert. suspected cop killer eric frein has hit the big screen. the fugitive's most wanted picture is plastered on digital billboards like this one in south jersey. exactly one week after police say he fatally shot pennsylvania state police corporal bryon dixon in an ambush outside of his pike county police barracks. trooper alex douglas was wounded and has a long recovery ahead. while more than 100 law enforcement agents are focusing their search efforts in wooded areas of pike and monroe counties, police want everyone in the region to be on alert for this man described as a survivalist with an impeccable shot and a hatred for law enforcement. police sources say earlier this week the search for frein crossed over into central jersey where frein's extended family lives. investigators stopped by relatives homes and cleared houses concern that frein was going to show up there. we are told his elderly grandmother is now staying
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elsewhere upset over everything that's happened. so tonight the century mains active. we will stay on this investigation. i'm posting updates as i receive them on my facebook and twitter page. to connect with viewers even outside of our live broadcast. >> much of the white house was evacuated after someone jumped the fence at the executive mansion. it happened minutes after president barack obama and his daughters boarded marine one to head to camp david. they were escorted out by secret service. they were let back in a short time later but the area remains closed to pedestrians. >> it has been a rough few weeks for the nfl with incident after incident of domestic abuse. the commissioner of the nfl finally decide odd to speak out. you know roger goodell is feeling the heat in the wake of multiple high profile cases. keith russell is live in the news room. >> he plans to do a lot of
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things without it taking a lot of time. now there were those who thought today's press conference might be a resignation. goodell made it clear he's not quitting. he's also made it clear he's willing to take the blame for the nfl dropping the ball. >> i got it wrong in the handling of the ray rice matter. and i'm sorry for that. i got it wrong on a number of levels from the process that i led to the decisions that i reached. >> he vowed to clean up his own house joining forces with two national organization that is battle domestic and sexual abuse roger goodell has formed a committee to update policies he admits the lead has not updated properly. >> we made a mistake in letting our standards fall below where they should be. we should have had a personal conduct policy reviewed more frequently to make the changes necessary to deal with the issues that have changed.
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last change that -- policy on a broad perspective in 2007. >> goodell plans to have the league's new conduct policy in place by this year's super bowl and says when it comes to dealing with these issues nothing is off the table. iain we'll have much more coming up tonight in sports. >> keith we'll see you then. today's press conference had a wild moment toward the end when a prankster started yelling out. >> ouch, ouch. what are you doing? what are you doing? don't make me go down there. don't make me go down there. please. >> sorry about that. >> turns out the prankster is a writer for the howard stern show. bengie has been known to do these things from. he was immediately swarmed by security guards and escorted out. meantime thousands of baltimore ravens fans exchanging their ray rice jerseys today. the line as you can see wrapped around m and t bank stadium. rice was terminated after that video surfaced of him punching
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his fiancée in an elevator. the nfl suspended rice indefinitely. >> scott williams tracking a great start to your weekend. >> lucy it is goingy going to be comfortable, 60 degrees in the philadelphia area, winds out of the east-northeast at 8 miles per hour. high pressure stationed off of northern sections of new england. we have a clockwise wind coming in off of the ocean so it's a little cooler tonight and also we have a few more clouds moving in off of the ocean, but we'll stay dry. temperatures tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., we're looking at upper 50's across the area along i-95. mid-50's once we move towards the lehigh valley as well as the pocono mountains. tomorrow afternoon look at the numbers. upper 70's by 3 o'clock in philadelphia, low 70's down the shore. so, warmer conditions than today. are you headed to the temple game saturday afternoon? looking good at the linc. it will be dry, a mixture of sun and clouds, 79 for the high in the city, mid 70's in the poconos and low 70's down
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the shore. coming up we'll have that sunday forecast and also talk about temperatures changing over the weekend and when to expect some rainfall potentially. iain and lucy. >> talk to you then scott. in south jersey a police suv slams into a dunkin' donuts. happened on the 200 block of south white horse pike this morning. investigators say the winslow township police unit collided with another vehicle and the impact sent it into the building and you know the driver of that car has quite a tale to tell and fox 29's dave schratwieser has been talking with her. >> reporter: this was the scene around 11:00 friday morning after a win lows township police suv collided with another car pulling out of this bank. the officer careened across route 30, plowing into the front of this dunkin' donuts in berlin borough. >> really lucky that he stopped right there and didn't completely go all the way through. >> reporter: the police officer driving the suv was injured and taken to a hospital but the driver of this red chevrolet managed to walk away. >> i'm fine.
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i'm just a little bit shook up but i'm fine. my family is here so that's what helps. >> getting out of his suv and he just went right on the ground and he was laying there waiting for the paramedics. >> reporter: remarkably no one inside the dunkin' donuts on the white horse pike was injured even though the suv ended up halfway into a front seating area a few feet from the drive through lanes. >> there was nobody in there and hurt thank god. >> reporter: the accident shut down this portion of the white horse pike for two hours as police and fire officials investigated the crash. the police cruiser was towed away. delores haines says her new car will need extensive repair work. >> i only have about 6,000 miles on it. >> reporter: dave schratwieser fox 29 news. >> skyfox over kensington where a warehouse fire broke out today. you can see the damage is devastating. this is all that remains of the building that once stood on the 2400 block of north american and york streets.
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100 firefighters battled the flames. two of them are recovering from minor injuries tonight. a 25-year-old man is being treated at temple hospital after being badly burned. he was on fire when he came running out of the vacant building around 2:30 this morning. the fire quickly spread to a paper storage facility next door which made getting it under control very difficult. >> because it's paper storage, that's a lot of fuel and that creates another challenge. but once we were able to get enough resources on the scene the members did a great job of containing the fire and putting it out. >> firefighters spent much of the afternoon hosing down hot spots while investigators are working through the charred remains to figure out what started the fire. >> police say a thief lingered in a jewelry store for more than an hour but took no time to listen thousand dollars worth of july right. a surveillance camera captured it all last month. it happened in olney at
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tiffany jewelry. police say while an employee turned his back the thief lifted a tray of 10 to 15 bracelets then took off. if you know who this guy is, give philadelphia police a call. >> a group of high school football players attacked on their way to practice at 18th and mount vernon streets. police say one of the players got tasered. it happened yesterday afternoon. police say they were attacked by a group of 10 to 15 teens. one player was knocked to the ground, beaten by several people with a metal bar and tased. a 17-year-old girl was arrested in connection to the wild attack. cops say it may have stemmed from a fight earlier in the week. >> a mistrial in a theft case against governor tom corbett's former son-in-law. gerald gibson is a former philadelphia police officer and prosecutors say gibson thought he took money from a suspect's vehicle while working at the narcotics office but it was part of a sting operation by the fbi in 2013a jury could not reach a verdict on all of the charges
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against gibson who says he is not guilty. so today the judge declared a mistrial. the philadelphia district attorney's office says it will retry this case. with the launch of an air strike france has become the first country to join the united states military in fighting the terrorist group isis. two french jets fired laser guided bombs inside iraq today. they destroyed a weapons and fuel depot outside of mosul. an iraqi military spokesperson says dozens of extremist fighters died in those strikes. meanwhile in washington, d.c. the senate approved a house bill. it authorizes the u.s. to equip and train rebel fighters inside of syria as part of the obama administration strategy to fight isis. >> scotland's vote to remain part of the united kingdom is sending a collective sigh of relief across europe's governments and institutions tonight. 55 percent of voters said no to independent then of the booed financial markets. analysts feared a yes vote
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would have put scotland in economic collapse. they're declaring the vote a victory for scottish people. >> incredible video from inside a school bus as it careens off the road slamming into a house. that driver hailed a hero. why the crash actually saved lives. >> ♪ >> hundreds of students walk out of class and pack the hallways, all calling for change. what these teens say was the last straw. >> take a look at this. a plane lands on two cars, the propeller almost smashing through the windshield of one. what led to this wild scene. >> one thing you do at the office every day could be killing your libido. what you should start monday to improve your love life. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> robbed at gun point in wynnefield, police are hoping the surveillance video will lead to the two men who hit this pizza shop. you can see one gunman forcing an employee to the floor while another man takes the cash from the register. it happened at george's pizza on oxford avenue monday night. police say those robbers got away with an unknown amount of cash. >> there are no scheduled talks planned this weekend between nurses at crozer chester hospital and its union so the nurses plan to strike. they say they will walk if an agreement on a new contract is not reached this weekend. the 550 registered nurses say they will hit the picket line for a two day strike starting sunday at 7:00 a.m. and ending
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tuesday morning if the hospital doesn't meet with them. the main issues, cuts in pay, benefits and staffing. >> students at cheltenham high school in montgomery county went old school to protest a rule crackdown they held a sit-in. what came next is a great lesson on the power of a peaceful protest. fox 29's bruce gordon tonight with the art of negotiation 101. >> are they being serious, are they really treating us like that. >> reporter: administrators and students met to sift through an eventful day in the life of cheltenham high. a rules crackdown and the resulting protests that could have ripped this highly regarded school apart. >> we didn't think that was acceptable at all. >> reporter: 500 students more than a third of total enrollment here walked out of first period classes for a massive sit-in to protest rules tightened by the high school principal. no eating on outside a ban of wearing headphones in the hair are hallways.
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restrictions on stairwell use. >> while they've never been enforced before so it was a huge change and everything just happened so quick and it was the beginning of the year and we just -- we felt that we weren't being heard. >> reporter: the students gave administrators advance notice of their plans but both sides admit they could have done more talking before the kids packed the hallways. >> they sort of played their top card first and that -- >> they went from zero to 60. >> they went from zero to 60 because they didn't know. >> reporter: students insist it was necessary but admit it got bigger and noisier than they planned. not all the kids seemed willing to use their ears along with their mouths. >> we can't expect change if we're not willing to listen. it's like an ongoing battle in the ooh school. >> reporter: administrators diffused the situation quickly promising to meet with students for an early end to the protest and they did compromising on the rules with lots of input from the kids. >> it's more important that the ideas and the communication come from the students than it is from adult authority figures because at
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their age they're very suspect of authority and i'm very aware of that. >> i don't believe that this is an end point. we're going have to keep the the dialogue going and keep communication between the students and the administration. >> reporter: that dialogue is set to continue on monday when principal parker will meet with all interested students during lunch periods to further discuss their concerns. parker says the rules were tweaked in the first place to make cheltenham high safe and clean. but the protests and further conversation led to retweaking designed to make the school safe, clean and happy. in the news room, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> the kentucky derby and preakness winner california chrome is raising in our area tomorrow and the stakes are pretty high. the colt of course dominated those raises and is the favorite at tomorrow's pennsylvania derby at parx. it is his first raisins falling short of the triple crown. he came in fourth at the belmont stakes and as our jen fred found out he's rested and ready to compete again. >> he's going race in the british cup classic and this
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is a prep race and it couldn't have come up at a better time. and this is, like i said this is his first race back and you never know what's going to happen. is the horse going to winsy the race, is he going to run second or third? it's still a big question because we don't know how he's going to perform but to see him on the track, you know this horse is ready. >> california chrome is up against seven other horses tomorrow with a million bucks on the line. he's the first horse to race at parx after winning the kentucky derby. >> you know what time it is right now? >> 10:18. >> we're countering down to big doings as fox 29. we have a brand new morning show coming to your weekend. >> it kicks off tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. so here's a sneak peek. >> your news, your neighborhood, live and interactive, this is fox 29 weekend. >> ♪ here's was need to know.
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this is a totally interactive local newscast unlike anything you have ever seen before from beginning to end we want to know what you're thinking, what's most important to you and what matters to you. the guests will join us on skype and viewers can can join in the on the conversation with the biggest talkers of the week. we'll go through your instant feedback of what you have to say. >> as soon as everything comes in we get it on our screen we can get on the air for you immediately. >> tech bites from the tech tank. >> we have a unique look at everything from dumb criminals. >> several young teens under arrest. >> to the dyi projects you're determined to tackle each weekend. >> we'll even given you a chance to knock howard eskin. >> knocking the king. >> and weather will be an interactive experience too. 82 right now. the more you reach out to me the more customized your forecasts will be. say you'll be at the ballpark saturday or picnic sunday. tweet me or send me an instagram and i'll tell you what you can expect.
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>> grab your phone tablet or laptop and join us for fox 29 weekend. interact with us saturday and sunday mornings at 8:00. >> so again get your phone out and fox 29 weekend begins tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. >> rumor has it some rain could put a damper on part of your weekend plans. scott williams didn't deal in rumors, he's the real deal. >> well, we are going to be watching a system, the latter part of the upcoming weekend iain and lucy that could bring some showers but it doesn't look like it's really going to impact your weekend that much. 60 degrees right now in the philadelphia area, so comfortably cool. humidity up there at 80 percent, so that tells me that we'll probably wake up to some morning low clouds across the area. look at the temperatures right now, upper 50's in millville, 60 in wilmington as well as reading, low 50's right now in the pocono mountains. so wake up weather for your saturday morning, morning low clouds across the area. otherwise, a cool start, low 50's in the suburbs and 59 degrees in the city. so, saturday looking pretty good. those morning clouds giving
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way to a partly sunny sky. summer definitely returns. 79 degrees will be the high temperature tomorrow. we'll talk about the timing of that sunday system, iain and lucy coming up. it's still off to the west. >> scott thank you. a shoulders car covered in smoke with a man inside. what officers heroic move to get that man out in time. >> around the world lines spanning blocks, people waiting hours upon hours to get their hands on this all new iphone. all that anticipation may have gotten to this guy. what he did on live tv when he opened that box with his new iphone. >> and a story book wedding for a local couple who didn't know if they would live to see their dream come true. >> it's flies to forget about the dreaded c word for one night. >> the touching ceremony that will have you hugging y
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>> ♪ >> you would think this was the scene from an action movie but it is all too real. a dash cam caught the heroic actions of an ohio police officer. you see him running towards burning car and saving a man. it happened this weekend near canton. witnesses say the man's car engine started smoking sending up that thick plume of smoke. the officer had to break a window to drag the plan to safety. that man did survive and is well enough to say thank you to the officer. on the east coast hundreds of volunteers will launch a search tomorrow for a missing
10:25 pm
university of virginia student. the charlottesville police cleve say authorities have a new person of interest in the disappearance of 18-year-old hannah graham. they say they have surveillance video of the two at a bar last weekend and today investigators searched that man's apartment and the car that police believe the two were in. cops say graham had dinner with friends before going to two parties and leaving the last one alone. her friends and familiar have not seen her since. >> a florida man with ties to new jersey kills his six grandchildren his daughter and then takes his own life. police say 51-year-old spirit opened fire on his family last night in bell florida. spirit called 911 on thursday afternoon to say that he might hurt himself or others but when a deputy got there spirit committed suicide and authorities then found the other victims on the property. spirit is originally from new jersey where he served jail time in atlantic and camden counties. 10 years ago spirit accidentally shot his son to death in a hunting accident.
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planes were moving without a pilot in san diego. >> the wind beneath their winds monsoonal winds. this aircraft flipped over and the strong wind slammed it into several parked cars. the gusts pulled a hangar from its foundation slamming it into other planes. despite the mayhem no one was hurt. >> a school bus careens out of control slamming right into a house. that driver being called a hero tonight. why that crash may have actually saved kids' lives. >> and a new technique to keep your children right on track the day school starts. no more adjusting to a new classroom, new teachers, new friends, new rules watches parents are calling amazing. >> guys pay attention. dressed for work with
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♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa.
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no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy. >> happening right now, closing in on an alleged killer. this is video just in from monroe county in the search for the man accused of killing a state trooper. authorities there have narrowed their search for eric frein to a section of houses
10:30 pm
in frein's hometown. many of these homes are used on weekends or the summer. as police are zero rogue in on the suspect they're asking people in the entire to stay inside their homes and keep their doors locked. we'll continue to keep you updated on air and online. jennifer joyce is also posting updates on her facebook and twitter pages. >> university policies and procedures don't work. >> students at the university of delaware are rallying for change tonight. they do not like the way the university is handled allegations of sexual harassment. a student has accused a teacher of offering her a good grade in exchange for sexual favors. >> protesters say they never would have found out about the allegations if it had not been report in there a newspaper. fox 29's dave kinchen was on campus for today's demonstration. >> and i expect that our policies will get better. >> reporter: a rally for support. >> this is a really horribly hard thing to talk about. >> reporter: a rally seeking
10:31 pm
answers. university of delaware students on the steps of memorial hall demanding to know why they say alleged sexual harassment between a professor and female student last year was kept quiet until a recent report in the student paper. >> people are left in the dark and i think that's not okay. i don't think that's acceptable at all. >> feeling like the university has swept a really serious incident under the rug. i can understand why they would all want to come out and speak out against it. >> reporter: a sociology instructor allegedly demanded sexual favors from a female student in exchange for an a in the class. the university officials would not say much about the case. >> i can say that the university was in communication with all of the parties involved in this case and that is our obligation. >> reporter: the advice provost tells fox 29 the relative quiet from the administration comes with purpose but not impropriety. >> it's privacy for all parties involved. that's really important. that's not the same as silence or institutional coverup.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: what is clear, students here will do all the talking they can to bring grader awareness to sexual assault and harassment on campus. >> i think it shows just how passionate the community is and how many girls are just upset about the situation. >> reporter: the instructor involved in the allegation is currently on leave from the university of delaware and administrators credited students for their organization today. they say they will work harder to connect students with resorts available. in newark delaware, dave kinchen fox 29 news. >> hard to imagine any more drama than what is packed into this video. a school bus crashes into a home just missing a playground full of children. it happened in georgia and a dash cam captured every terrifying moment. video shows the car crossing right there the center line on the road heading straight for a head-on collision with the bus. the driver said she knew she had to act fast. she swerved to the left crashing into the garage of a nearby home because to the right a playground full of children were there and authorities say her split
10:33 pm
second decision saved lives. she has whiplash, she is bruised but she is also a hero to her community. >> the new school year usually means weeks of adjusting to a new classroom, teacher and rules, but in some schools across new jersey kids get the same teacher two years in a row and they say it helps get kids right back into learning. school is in session. each year a new grade, a new teacher. >> very good. >> and an all new learning curve. >> what picture has that sound. >> but not so fast. what if there were a way to avoid all that. these are first graders at oak view elementary school in west deptford. their teacher, april, teaches first and seconds grade. >> your lower case t. >> and has been teaching here for 24 years. five years ago the school district approached her about looping. >> all first grade room. >> she is now on her third looping cycle.
10:34 pm
>> i'm excited about it. imagine with my kids for two years, a teacher always lerps, you don't know everything and this was an opportunity to once again try to expand horizons. >> one of the advantages of looping is there's less reviewing and more learning. at the beginning of a school year she doesn't have to reteach classroom rules or review material she's already taught. instead, the students pick up where they left off. >> i gain 30 days. it takes me two days from first grade to second grade to get them acclimated back into the program. they know my rules, they know my expectations. you're able to build on the strengths you've already laid as a foundation, go back, teach the weaknesses and then enrich with what they already know. >> carolyn mills has two boys scott and alex. four years ago the mother of two decided to try the innovative approach. >> i never heard it about it
10:35 pm
before. it's easy to go into. we have the option at the end of the year if it wasn't a good fit our child could have another teacher the following year but two days in i realized it was definitely a good fit. >> so much so her younger son, alex, looped two years later with mrs. maska. >> it was a huge advantage academically. both of my boys are gifted and they need a little bit more of a challenge throughout the year she developed a relationship with them where she knew exactly their strengths, their weaknesses. >> is scott excited about middle school. >> looping helps develop better relationships not only with the students but also with the parents. >> what i see is with my teachers is a lot of the students they have taught have moved on to upper elementary levels their younger siblings are coming in and parents are requesting that same teacher because of the success that teacher had with their child over the two year looping period. >> ryan dougherty is the principal at oak view elementary school. this is his second year. he says looping as exceeded his expectations. >> being here and seeing how it works and seeing how
10:36 pm
effective it is with young children first and second grade levels which is our looping level, it's just an amazing thing to see. >> some experts say there can be some disadvantages. kids adapt less to change. most say the benefits far outweigh the benefits. mrs. maska admits there's one disadvantage. it's lard to say goodbye after two years. >> last day i'm hugging them. in june i start building them up. you're going to love third grade, this is going to be fantastic am i do build them up and then i go home and have a meltdown. [laughter] >> looping has been going on in europe for decades but it's gaining moment here especially in south jersey. the audubon school district loops and this year burlington city is going to loop second grade. >> my son looped but they didn't call it looping back then but he did the same thing. now he's old enough to enjoy a beer. look at that. speaking of beer an iconic
10:37 pm
american beer now belongs to a russian company. hipsters, you could be shedding a new tears tonight. what just sold. >> forget matching pants jacket and shirt. an invention could change your life. next introducing the one piece business suit. >> the best thing ever. all right. and one thing you're doing at work is killing your love life. in fact, you're doing it right now. you're doing it right now, iain. what you should do sitting at your desk. >> maybe i should get that one piece suit.
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>> in your money tonight an american beer company has a new owner. pabst was brought by a russian company. they make colt 45 old milwaukee. the company start in there wisconsin back in 1844. bloomberg business week says the deal was for $700 million. pabst blue ribbon is popular among people in their 20's and 30's. part of its appeal its cheap price. >> a man in san francisco thinks he's come up with the next big thing. it's a onesie for men a he's calling a suitie.
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the shirt and jacket and pants are all sewn knowing one. if you like the idea you can go to bat a and vote for it. we've set up a link on our web site under the seen on tv tab. if there's enough interest the suits will become a reality. you just zip it up. it's 375 bucks. >> are you in on that one. >> no, i'm not going tort suitsy. too much stuff sewn in. >> want a better sex life? start sitting up straight. >> researchers find slumping at your desk can just ruin your libido. it can make you angry and depressed. >> so weird. they found by having better posture people had a higher self-esteem and led to more arousal they say and better mood. they say positive thinking is also easier while sitting upright. >> take a look at the mess people sat through to get their hands on a new iphone. what one guy did the second he opened on live tv that will make you cringe.
10:42 pm
>> happily ever after for a couple celebrating their love. the tough road ahead for them after they say i do. >> we'll talk about how warm
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>> ♪ >> would you brave the raging flood waters and torrential rain of an epic storm for a new iphone 6. in houston while rescuers swooped into to get stranded drivers others put on the rain gear pitched tents and wait in there line. that's dedication. >> many people get excited when they can get their hands on that new iphone, the newest. >> for one young man his moment of excitement turns into sheer panic in personal australia the very first person to get his hands on the new iphone 6 dropped it the moment he took it out of the box. jack cooksey waited in line overnight. you just feel the pain right there. and as he showed off his new phone to reporters that precious bit of technology slipped out of the case and hit the ground. this is the crazy thing iain. the phone did the no break, not even a scratch. still had a little bit of plastic on it so it saved it.
10:46 pm
>> good for him. married today, chemo on monday. it's not what any bride wants to be doing on her honeymoon. >> in center city one bride and groom say they're grateful to be given the wedding of their dreams while both battle cancer. fox 29 shows us bond the big c can cannot break. >> ♪ >> reporter:. >> just the memory of it all, being around the people we love. >> reporter: one day free from worry, the mental anguish brought on by a physical burden. they meet at the altar to cement a union disease only strengthens. >> i said forget about the dreaded c word for one night and just enjoy each other. >> reporter: frank and kim have been battling the c word for the past year. first frank diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. >> she's been my everything. she is everything. >> reporter: then kim breast cancer. >> love you. >> reporter: both say they're fighting hard to live for the other. >> like you see rocky, it's
10:47 pm
not about how hard you can can hit. it's how hard you can get hit and keep pushing forwardism with medical bills piling up wedding plans were a scant dream. >> for people dealing with illnesses this makes you feel fulfilled. >> reporter: wish upon a wedding gathers vendors to donate everything you see. >> we're not used to being given this beautiful, beautiful thing. from the dresses to the flowers the venue. >> we're family. >> it's not anything that would have been in our future. >> reporter: kim and frank say they're making picture perfect memories that are going to get them through the tough times that still lie ahead. it's all happening so quickly kim is back to reality and chemo on monday. >> that big c word is not knocking me down. it ain't knocking him down if i have anything to do it. we'll be there for the long haul. we'll see our grand babies. >> we're very fortunate and lucky. >> reporter: fox 29 news. >> vendors donated more than $30,000 for the mussel man's
10:48 pm
beautiful ceremony and reception. of course we wish them our very best. >> absolutely. very inspiring. and really touching. scott williams is here with a check of our weekend forecast. >> you know, it's official, this is the last weekend of summer. we turn the books on it and introduce fall in that seven-day forecast. but right now it's comfortably cool. 60 in philadelphia. humidity up there at 80 percent. the winds right now out of the east-northeast at about 8 miles per hour. the high in philadelphia today, only 72. we should top out around 77 for this time of year so for the upcoming weekend we're looking at temperatures actually a few degrees above normal. the record high for today's date 92 degrees. as we look at the numbers right now, mid-50's in trenton as well as pottstown, upper 50's in lancaster. low 50 currently in the pocono mountains and 60 degrees right now in atlantic city. the wakeup weather across the area tomorrow, some warning low clouds, a cool start, low 50's in the suburbs, upper 50's in the city. but temperatures will warm as we move into the afternoon and
10:49 pm
start to see a little more in the way of sun. as we break down your saturday snapshot, upper 70's in the city, looking good for the temple game. mid 70's in the poconos and low 70's down the shore. we'll call it partly cloudy across-the-board area wide for tomorrow. high pressure right now in northern sections of new england giving us those winds out of the east-northeast so pumping in some of that moisture off of the ocean. that's why i anticipate a few low clouds to start tomorrow morning. sunday's system, late sunday system still off to the west. you can see it's a cold front. a few scattered showers and thunderstorms erupting through sections of the upper midwest and parts of the great lakes. we have a chance for some rainfall primarily late sunday with this system but out ahead of it those winds will be out of the south and west warming us up. so, overnight tonight it's dry, it's quiet. we'll watch some of those low clouds tomorrow morning but saturday looking pretty good. a disturbance will move off to the east of our area but we'll see some clouds on the increase saturday night into early sunday there might be
10:50 pm
some patchy fog to start on sunday but we'll break out of the clouds with those winds coming in out of the south. so, 1 o'clock looking pretty good at the linc. it will be partly sunny, conditions continue to warm up out ahead of that boundary and you can see by sunday at 8 o'clock we're watching that line of showers, it really starts to diminish that rainfall chance as we move into late sunday. so, for tonight we're looking at 50 degrees in the suburbs, 57 in the city, mostly cloudy. it will be a cool overnight. moving ahead to tomorrow, partly sunny, summer definitely returns, temperatures top out near 80 degrees, so get outdoors and enjoy. that weather authority seven-day forecast showing you tomorrow's a 10 but as we move into your sunday, there is that threat for a few scattered showers late sunday afternoon primarily evening, 83 for the high temperature, looking good as we move into the first week of fall, but temperatures only in the low 70's on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and then we warm up a bit as we move
10:51 pm
into friday. that kickoff forecast at the linc, 80 degrees, we'll call it partly sunny and warm but great for tailgating. >> oh, yeah. you know how i knew it was the beginning of fall? because it is soup season at liberty chicken. people line up for that. it's like a seinfeld episode waiting for the soup. >> get it while it's hot. can you get that kind of food at the linc, keith. >> i think you can get a lot of things at the linc. you know what you can get at the linc. >> what. >> something the eagles have in common with a hamburger. lots of catch up. get it? catch up. >> yeah, that didn't work well, right. >> yeah, it was kind of corny. yeah, okay. >> when will that
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
♪ we have a saying... mi coffee es su coffee. our way of inviting you to share what's ours. so between september 16th and the 29th, we want to treat you to a rich, smooth mccafé coffee for free. why would we do that? when you have something this delicious, you just have to share it. ...on the casa. ♪
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>> nfl commissioner roger goodell says starting next month every team will have to take training to battle domestic and sexual abuse. ohio as new staff to deal with social behavioral there's one thing he does not have, a definitive way to explain why several players have got pulled off the field until their legal situation plays out and while one member continues to play in the midst of domestic abuse violations. >> we need to get help identifying how to change our procedures. we have state laws that are
10:55 pm
different from state to state and even locally. you're highlighting exactly the issue. we aren't -- we do not have a clear and consistent policy to allow to us deal with all of the different issues that are arising. >> you know, one of the brightest spots of the nfl on the field has been your philadelphia eagles and how they continue to fight to the finish. now the eagles haven't scored a touchdown in the first half this season but they've outscored their opponents 58 to 10 in the second half. this team has already shown they don't know what it is to give up. >> it just shows us being tough minded, strong minded individuals, not being able to go down when we're down, not going down and plundering. i think we stayed motivated and i think we did a good job of staying upbeat at half time. >> so, how long can the eagles get away with those slow starts? we examine on "game day live" sunday morning at 11:00 a.m.
10:56 pm
catch the game eagles-skins at 1 o'clock followed by the postgame report. now the eagles aren't the only team hoping to stay undefeated. penn state had a shot to go four and zero. happy valley you know it's a happy place right now. new coach james franklin is taking it all in stride. >> i think we've been able to kind of wear some people down. i think our guys have done a great job of having a sense of urgency where it's needed most. >> the phillies continue their west coast swing after tonight just eight games left in this season. and if tonight is proof, it can't end soon enough. oakland has jumped on the phillies early scoring three runs early in the second. while ryan howard has a solo home run. phillies are down three to one your numbers right now. flyers starting their training camp damp the entire team was there minus one guy, the big guy, the captain, claude giroux. got hurt. the team says the injury will keep giroux out for the next couple weeks.
10:57 pm
you know his nickname is g. we need g back on the ice to be a g this season. >> and we got a big day tomorrow. >> yes. >> big day tomorrow starts early. >> we're back tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. for the brand new fox 29 weekend. be sure to stay tuned and remember bring your tablet and phone because it's interactive. >> that's right. >> you can tweet and all that stuff. >> hashtag fox 29. stuff. >> hashtag fox 29. so brian at citizens said
10:58 pm
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz," >> iggy azalea is so misdirected and all worried about some sex tape. she does something with jennifer lopez that's got to be so much better. >> this might be the best ass music video. >> it's pathetic that she still feels like she needs to grab her ankles and spread her butt cheeks. >> oh, come on, evan! >> boo! >> mama june and sugar bear are separating. she stopped wearing the commitment ring. got photos of her out. she doesn't have it on and that's something she's -- >> post break-up hotness. >> chris brown is shooting in a music video and he fires it up.